Autism Cruises™ (Cruising with Autism, Inc.) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to improving the lives of people with disabilities.

We strive to enrich the lives of under-served teens and young adults living with autism by affording them the experience of a cruise or resort vacation.

As advocates of travel for the special needs population it is our belief at Autism Cruises™ (Cruising with Autism, Inc.) that everyone is entitled to enjoy travel.

Why Cruising with Autism?

We have to learn to go into their world instead of always trying to pull them into our world. By doing so, we are showing them that they are perfectly fine as they are. I decided that autism would not hinder me from providing my son with many of the fun experiences that typical children/teens enjoy. He has gone on many trips, including amusement parks, international vacations, and for his 18th birthday, I took him on a cruise. For three days, we were away from our day to day routine and were able to relax and enjoy our vacation. The down time was much needed by both of us, and based on that experience; I decided I would work towards sharing it with other families.

“Everyone is entitled to enjoy travel” – Meochia Clayton

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