Meet Julian!!! Julian was one of the participants on our cruise in June 2016. He is 12 years old and is on the autism spectrum. Julian was accompanied by his mother and aunt. He had a great time meeting new friends, swimming, enjoying a character breakfast, and indulging in many of the activities that a cruise has to offer. The cruise provided Julian an opportunity to enjoy a routine-free week with his family and new friends. Routines are a coping mechanism for many autism families; however, they can cause stress and anxiety in the household. A cruise vacation can be a relaxing and bonding experience for the entire family. We are working hard to make this happen for more families in 2017. If you would like to receive information about our cruise in 2017, please complete the following pre-application:
If you’re interested in sponsoring an autism family, your donation is tax-deductible and any amount is appreciated.

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